This is our handsome Byron!


Isn't he a cutie our newest member? 


He was wandering alone on the streets. Specially his Skin condition is in really bad shape. He is wormed, skin treated and just got his first vaccination. We desperately need a monthly sponsorship for him, as we have actually already exceeded our limit space of 150 dogs.

$30 a month makes sure he is fed, fully vaccinated and cared for.

He is a cheeky little guy and very playful. And his fur is still recovering. 


Do you like him?


meet some of the dogs

Mondo is a cheeky dog that loves to play. He is one of our most active dogs. He had been dumped as a puppy at the beach. He was extremely weak and malnourished.
Marvel was rescued from being someones Puppy soup. He is now happily playing with other pups in the sanctuary.
Pablo was rescued from the meat trade industry. Unfortunately he was being fed so they could sell him as meat. Luckily his hero brought him and took him straight to us.
Maddy was dumped with her mum and 6 siblings at the beach. 3 puppies didn't make it, Komang and Ketut and Maddy survived and now looking for a forever home.
ToTo and his brother Harry was dumped on the street. He and his brother were covered in ticks and fleas. they both had blood parasites and needed a lot of treatment and need to be admitted to the vets to recover.
ADOPTED. Komand is the brother of Maddy and Kutut he was dumped on the beach with his Mum. He is now going to a beautiful forever home in the UK.
ADOPTED. Luna is in the process of making her way to England. Her owner fell in love the first time she jumped into her at the Sanctuary. She has come along way since she was first found dumped as a very weak puppy. She needed infusions to help strengthen her immune system.
Daisy was left at our sanctuary so we are unsure about her start in life. She was underweight and like a lot of dogs needed skin treatment.
Franca is the sister of Frankie. Her Frankie and one other sibling who didn't make it were found dumped in a village next the Sanctuary. They both suffer with skin conditions and would both love to be homed together.
We found Funny when we were driving home from the sanctuary. She was extremely underweight and trying to find food on a main dangerous road. She was very scared and timid. After a few shorts days with us she became part of the family and is now loving life.
ADOPTED. Maggie is making her way to the UK. She is now part of a family of three who visited her the sanctuary and fell in love.
Semana alias jack
This little guy was given to us by another rescuer so unsure of his start in life. He is a lovely dog who just wants to be hugged. He loves being on peoples laps and eating chicken.
Dave is still recovering from his skin condition and malnutrition. He is trying to adapt to the sanctuary but really needs one to one care in a forever home. He is one of our quiet residents.
Berry was very lucky to survive as a puppy. She was found being beaten to death and saved by a local man. He then brought her to us. She still has a slight head wobble due to the trauma. She has such a sweet nature and loves attention.
Mia like Marvel was going to be used for puppy soup. A rescuer took Mia to boarding and got her vaccinated before taking her to us. She loves to explore but also relax.
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