To date BDA have rescued more than 250 dogs from life-threatening injuries and illnesses; and currently home 150 beautiful and healthy bali dogs in their sanctuary. 

Their passion doesn’t end with caring for dogs, as the organisation is structured to feed resources back into the rural communities surrounding the Sanctuary. From leasing the land from locals that would otherwise have no income, employing people within the community, and ensuring they purchase food and supplies locally, supporting small businesses and families.

The Bali Dog Association urgently needs help to continue the work they are doing. Due to travel restrictions their usual methods of raising money no longer exist.  With no tourists visiting the sanctuary or meeting their puppies  there is not only less donations but also no adoptions! There are also more dogs on the street needing help than ever before. More dogs and so much less money and support. 

Please help! We are trying to raise money to repair and extend the sanctuary so they can rescue more dogs from suffering. With the money they will be able to: rent more land, employ more people from the community to work with them and also build kennels and structures. BDA is committed to paying for everyday expenses like food and massive never ending vet bills 

Other ways to help can be found on their website. You can sponsor a dog, buy food, even buy a skin treatment for a puppy in need. Keep this in mind the next time you need to buy a thoughtful gift for someone that loves dogs or Bali. 

We know it’s a difficult time for everyone, but please if you're able to help in any way the dogs and people in Bali need you. If you are unable to help financially but want to show you care please pass this onto your contacts and spread the word of the amazing, selfless work the Bali Dog Association does.

Terima kasih telah mendukung kami (thank-you for supporting us)

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