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Adopt don't Shop!


Why Everyone Should “ Adopt don't shop

We've seen numerous posts on our social media feeds from friends

and acquaintances who used their time in quarantine to purchase dogs from breeders rather than adopt animals in need.


"We are sure the pups are going into wonderful, loving homes — but knowing all that we know about the dog breeding industry, it’s a little bit heartbreaking to see."

Of course, the dogs they’ve purchased are cute and lovable

— but so is every single adoptable dog in a shelter or rescue.

No matter what breed, size, or age you’d like, you can find one in need of adoption.

All it takes is a bit of research and patience.


And we promise, you posting your newly-adopted dog or cat on Instagram will generate just as many likes as posting a purebred or “designer” dog that cost you way more.


Virtual Pet Adoptions now Available!

In light of COVID-19 Bali Dog Association is branching out

with our new Virtual Adoption opportunity!

Conducted through the Zoom app, virtual meet and greet are designed to introduce potential adopters to a pet currently in our care at our shelters and our Dog Safe Houses.



Adopt today - No matter Virtual or Real - they need you!

Image by Alvan Nee

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