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Wilfred urgently needs help!

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

We have really experienced a lot in the past year and a half ... Today's meeting, however, was one of the saddest moments for us.

We drove with the scooter and found this helpless creature lying on the street, in a pure suffer. The back leg is very likely injured by human violence or a traffic accident. The skin seems to burn like hell and in pain.

We talked to some people in the vicinity.

Their answers:

• Don't give food to an ugly being like this ...

• Our dogs are healthy, we don't care about this mutt...

• Don't feed him, (it is a nuisance)

• Final answer: leave it to fate!

New Rescue WILFRED is at the vet now 23th August 2020:

Life on the street is tough for animals that don't have an owner to look after them. The next meal is uncertain, you often suffer from hunger, parasites are everywhere on and in your body, you have open, inflamed wounds caused by struggles with your fellows for that little bit of food that is currently hard to find. Pain is your daily companion. This is the fate of thousands of stray animals here on this Island. It is currently harder than it has been in a long time. Thanks to amazing people like you we manage to provide food. It is possible to give them food every day and we take care that they don't get harmed.

In the "case" of handsome Wilfred, we came a bit late... He is suffering from an older injures, probably hit by a car or harmed by a human, we simply dont know whats really happened to him...

He has several of skin problems like fungal infections and scabies...

He is super malnourished and needs to be fed up first, to prepare his body for his following surgery.

With your financial support we are able to operate this young boy and free him from his pain. We will keep him at the vets for a few days observation and hope that he can get stronger and better.

Thanks to loving people like you, that spread the word for innocent souls like WILFRED, we are able to make a difference.

Please continue to support our cause:

Special thanks goes to @dandundeedunston who decided to be his Godfather

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