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We have a big Plea for this week!

In 7 Day we need to order again 1000kg Rice with the price of 6.7 million Rupiah,

equally 470 USD.

Would please everyone help us to make our wish possible.

Delicious Meat we already have enough from a lovely Lady from Switzerland. The only thing what we need for now is to make sure we are able to raise 470 USD to ensure we have enough Rice for the whole month again.

Every single Donation count's, as we have big difficulties in raising enough Funds for our 220 Doggies we care for.

Imagine you save daily a Dollar for our lovely Doggies, in the end of the Month you're able to help with 30USD which will help many Doggies out here.

If you can't Donate make sure to share, we need to raise awareness for all the lovely people out here!

Thanks in Advance for those who are able to help, you're all our Angels We bring a shine to the Bali Dog's in Need's!

Donate Today

We aim to help shine a light on the realities of Bali Dogs and lead the way to a more compassionate world.

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