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Urgently help needed to continue our mission

Running a non profit charity is exciting, but there’s bound to be trying times. Throughout 2020, Associations, Charity's and Shelters have been forced to adapt to COVID-19 guidelines, including social distancing, revised services, and safety measures. Unfortunately, many have had to close their doors, while others struggle to remain financially secure.


Setup today a new sponsorship of your special chosen furry friend and help Bali Dog Association to be the voice of Bali Dog’s in Needs.

Every small support counts as our funds can’t cover the operational expenses. As a give back we would love to give a fancy tote bag (starts by 100 USD Donations)

Please help us, we still have 8 million Rupiah (equally 540usd) vetbill at @sunset_vet_ubud and had to pay upfront for the Medical Dog Safehouse 12 million for a half year. (810 USD) We couldn't say no to this house as its huge and even has so many space for all the emergencies. With your help we are able to continue our mission!

Donate Today!

One Off Donation


We bring a shine to the Bali Dog's in need.

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