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Unique Puppies Heaven in Bali Hotel

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Bali Dog Association having teamed up with one of the most unique Hotel in the World named Puri Garden, this Hotel allows guests to play with adorable rescue pups while chilling by the pool.

Incredible Rescue Puppies from Bali Dog Association at Puri Garden Hotel
Rescue Puppies at Puri Garden

If your ideal vacation involves rolling around in a pile of puppies while sipping nice smoothies, you’ll want to book this dog-friendly Hotel staycation.

As part of “Puppies cuddling” at Puri Garden Hotel, you can get a bundle of adoptable rescue puppies from Bali Dog Association delivered for an 2 hours of playtime.

At Hotel Puri Garden, they are always looking for advanced elements of comfort and unforgettable feelings of their guests.

The idea of this activity is to try to socialize and to prepare the puppies to be adopted.

It’s encouraging to see how unique activities like Puppy Therapy can raise awareness about the issue with guests visiting the island, who might be able to lend a hand in one way or another, or at least help get the rescued puppies ready for the prospect of new homes.

Help us save more animals!

Your generous donation will allow us to stop the suffering of many homeless, sick and disabled animals, and give them the joyful and loving life they deserve!

Are your ready for your next trip?

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