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The pain is unbearable!

Dog in huge pain found abandoned in Tegallalang area, receives help from Bali Dog Association!

The pain is unbearable!

It is better to risk starving to death then surrender. If you give up on your dreams, what's left?

I was under the sun, the rain, the cold for several weeks without eating. I can't move anymore...

I'm feeling very bad;

I've been in a damp place and it seems even my hair is falling out.

Some people come by and don't even see me.

Others say: stay away, you dirty dog.

I am almost passed out now; but a strange force made me open my eyes.

The sweetness of a voice made me react.

Poor little dog, look how they left you, they said ...

A man and a woman approached today, he began to touch me and said:

I'm sorry, little furry friend, the woman says: this suffer must have an end.

Tears came to the gentle lady and they both nodded.

I was trying to wagging my tail as I could and looked at both of them, thanking them for helping me rest in some warm fabric.

I felt LOVE for the first time!

I kept asking myself;

Why I had to be born when nobody wanted me???


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