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Rescued and now battling with their Life to survive!

You both stayed strong in those moments of your life. You were dumped and stayed alone. You battled loneliness. And you somehow discovered your inner calm and now we are that you both survive You deserve the happiness that you have been denying yourself for so long.


Please do not give up!

Update out of Sunset Vet

1. Lala

Bright, eating well, poo and pee normal.

Continue stay in here?

Or go home? Its been 3 days already.

2. Lili

Quite, no appetite, no poo seen just pee.

Medication are injection. Eating chicken a bit only. Lili still needs to stay here.

We bring a shine to

the Bali Dog's in Need's!

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Your generous Monthly donation will allow us to cover a part of the Sanctuary and Helps to stop the suffering of many homeless, sick and disabled animals, and give them the joyful and loving life they deserve!

With around 200 stray and abandoned dogs in our care at any one time, we really need your help. Most dogs have difficulties to find a loving new home, but we see always a light at the horizon. We receive no government funding and are totally dependent on the generosity of people like you


By sponsoring a dog for 1USD per Day you won’t just be helping your sponsor dog but all their friends too!


We aim to help shine a light on the realities of Bali Dogs and lead the way to a more compassionate world.

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