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New rescue Rocky needs medical assistance ASAP!

We spottet him in front of a temple. He was looking for a tiny piece of food. Dehydrated, totally malnourished , without any energy left in his body.

The only thing he found was rubbish. While he was looking for his daily "food", his body began to cause him skin problems, infections and other health issues.

We were so sad to see him suffering alone there. Specially during this difficult time (no tourism on the island) the situation is getting much worse, as there is not even a lots of Food waste left, where he could at least find something to fill his hungry stomach.

He would simply die there soon.

Rocky needs YOUR HELP NOW!

Please donate for his medical Treatments.

(ESTIMATED 4 MIO IDR equals 280 USD)

How you can help?

Direct One Off Donation

UPDATE FROM OUR MR. Handsome 19.08.2020

He is resting now.

His wound still produces discharge and sometimes the blood is still dripping from his nose

He is eating well, tomorrow they will check his pcv again...

We are not sure what exactly happened to his mouth,

he has a small hole like puncture wound.

Maybe because of previous anal gland infection...

Microscopy Scan of his Skin with result of Scabies.

Daily blood screening to analyse his condition.

Fortunately the Distemper Test is negativ.

Help us save more animals!

Your generous donation will allow us to stop the suffering of many homeless, sick and disabled animals, and give them the joyful and loving life they deserve!

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