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Updated: Jun 26, 2021

We need urgently help to cover the Operation of Bali Dog Association, as we gained a lot of Rescue Dog's and they rely on the support of everyone!

Our Non Profit Organization Bali Dog Association has put out a plea to dog lovers across the World to help us to build the Dog Heaven Sanctuary!

Our Organization plans to use the site as a sanctuary and rehabilitation centre for dogs too unwell or emotionally damaged by their lives so far, with the most difficult cases able to live out the rest of their years in peace and with love and friends, rather than face the eventual outcome of being euthanized in shelters.

Our charity is aiming to raise 8000 USD to successfully develop the site, which has access to 2 Lakes, and turn the 80 acre world-class Dog Save Heaven Sanctuary in Reality!

What we need urgently?

A big batch of Rice, we always pick up our Rice in the Ricefabric of Tabanan Selamadeg!

When we order a big batch we can save a lot

1000kg of Rice 1000kg of Sweet Potatoes 600kg Dog Food 60kg of Chicken to mix it

We also urgently need medicine to treat the Strays on the Road

Our last Donation for Skin Treatments is gone!

Thank you again Rita Bennett for supporting skin treatments last time

How many skin treatments do we need ?

5 Package of Symparica 5 Package of Bravecto - Bravecto has a higher price but is more effective to treat the worst cases, as the medication supports a 3 month Therapy.

Situation of our new Rescue at Sunset Vet Bali until now we didn't had any new Donations towards Bali Dog Association to cover his surgery!

If you made a Donation towards @Sunset Vet Bali, please get in touch with us!

How you can help

Fundraise For Us

All of our puppies and dogs are so grateful to have such wonderful people running events and donating to help them get back on their paws!


Gofundme is a Website where you can use to set up an Online Fundraiser to make and receive donations from family, friends and colleagues.


Bali Dog Association is always looking for volunteers to give up their time and help in any way they can as an extra pair of hands is always much appreciated!

Donate Items

Donating items such as bedding, food and toys for the dogs is most welcome!

Catch a meet up with our furry friends!

Sponsor a Dog

Sponsoring one of our dogs is a fantastic way to support the work we do.

Be a best friend to a dog that needs you.

Wedding favours

As you plan your big day go one step further by choosing to make a donation to Bali Dog Association on behalf of all of your guests.

Corporate sponsorship

Whether you're looking for a major partnership or you're interested in your company raising money for us, we have a range of ways for you to get involved.

We bring a shine to the

Bali Dog's in need

Donate Today!

We aim to help shine a light on the realities of Bali Dogs and lead the way to a more compassionate world.

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