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Helping bali dogs during covid19

Malnourished Sally

is back Home!

After a long time in critical Condition, we could save Sally from her suffering.

Everyone knows that Bali is huge affected of COVID-19 and this has a long way. Animals are starving and Animals lose their homes, as the Owners aren't able to cover the Nutrition's.

If you really wanna help, support us in Charity Work!

Help out with Rescuing the Dogs!

If you´re a Construction Builder, help us to extend the Sanctuary!

Donate Today for unpaid Vet bills and extending our Sanctuary.

Extending Sanctuary is in Planning with Agoes Satria and Trysa to give them more space, where they can swim and finding enough shelters for everyone.

We wanna give them the best Place with a huge roaming Area.

If you have enough towels, donate it!

If you can afford skin medicine, donate medications!

We bring a shine to the Bali Dog's in Needs!

We aim to help shine a light on the realities of Bali Dogs and lead the way to a more compassionate world.

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