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Heavy injured dog rescued by bali dog association

Something really sad happened last days !

This poor Balidog was involved in a very serious accident with a scooter.

People helped the injured man to bring him to the hospital and BDA was carrying for the dog. Heavy in Pain the dog could not get up, was laying on its side.

The dog has many rashes / sores in both front legs and neck.

He has severe pain, internal bleeding and post-traumatic stress from shock.

Our main focus was getting him off the streets to avoid harming more animals or people.

(A person is hospitalized) As we were driving with our scooter, we had to organise a car for transportation first. (Thanks to the friendly and helpful driver of @gocar who didn't refused to bring him to @sunset_vet_ubud )

The police were very cooperative and helpful.

Thank you Humas Polres Gianyar

X-ray images were made.

He is on IV - Drips and is receiving his necessary intravenous medication.


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