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Covid has a huge impact for the Bali Dogs - Donate Today

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

New Rescue needs urgently help!

No pain in the world is worse than this: to be ignored! Ignored for days, weeks, months, possibly years. Our daughter, gave him the Name : "Zorro" Zorro is a dog with lots of pain inside & outside. He has no words in his mouth... He only has tears in his eyes to express what he feels... We tried to find him now during a few days. Without success. Today we could find him again. We think there is no explaining needed as the pictures speak for themselves.

Pandemic leaves animals abandoned, starving in Bali. The COVID-19 pandemic has put animals in a dire situation, with many of them left starving and abandoned on the streets in Indonesia, especially in Bali and on the Gili Islands. As borders were closing rapidly and international travel grind to a halt, it was very clear to us that the situation for animals would deteriorate rapidly. Thousands of strays in Bali were at risk of starving or being snatched by dog meat traders, as a plunge in tourism hammers the holiday island. Dogs are at a very heightened risk. Some low-income people might be tempted to sell their pets to dog meat traders. We always keep fighting against animal abuse! Be a part of us and saving daily lives.

Donate straight to the Veterinary! (make a note with Bali Dog Association Zorro and helpful would be a picture from the donation)

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