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The Bali Dog Association Shelter needs an extension, but it will cost around 8000 USD!

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Overcrowding in Bali Dog Association Animal shelters is a constant problem!

Sometimes, the problems Björn Medernach faces at work seem to much to keep up with.

"There are days when you wake up and come into work and wonder - why did I do this?"

The Bali Dog Association Shelter needs an extension,

but it will cost around 8000 USD to get it funded.

We need urgently people to help us to raise funds for the existing Operations and and the extension of our Sanctuary.

Our Food Stock is going fully empty and we have not enough Funds to cover.

Also we would welcome if you're able to like our Page as we start again from Scratch!

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So many of Bali's dogs are starving, sick and injured

Thousands of them live off the streets and have no regular food,

water or shelter, due Covid-19 its getting even worse! They have no medication and may be shunned and abused! Life on the street is tough for animals that don't have an owner to look after them.

The next meal is uncertain, you often suffer from hunger, parasites are everywhere on and in your body, you have open, inflamed wounds caused by struggles with your fellows for that little bit of food that is currently hard to find. Pain is your daily companion. This is the fate of thousands of stray animals here on this island.

Our Donations dropped huge trough sabotage of the Social Network Accounts of Bali Dog Association and losing the access to a Paypal Account with monthly Donations!

On the other side we gained over 30 Dog's in one Month and trying to hold the Operations. In total we care for 185 Dog's and need to vaccinated a lot of newcomers. Also our monthly Operational Costs are rising, as our Sanctuary Dog's love to have enough Food for filling their Bally's.

We have 35 Monthly active Donors which will not cover our Operations!

What we urgently need is!

30 Bags of 25 Kg Rice Bags 10 Bags of 20 Kg Dog Food Bolt 30 Bags of Sweet Potatoes 50kg of Chicken Meat

If you need more Information we are super happy to share any Details!

One off Donation

Donate today to cover the Operations of the Sanctuary and

Bali Dog Association's Dog Safehouse.

We have 150 Dogs who still waiting to be sponsored from their Godfather/Godmom!

Choose a name of your lovely furry Friend today!

We bring a shine to the Bali Dog's in Need's!

We aim to help shine a light on the realities of Bali Dogs and lead the way to a compassionate world.

For every Donation over 100 USD, we would be happy to deliver a fancy tote Bag of Bali Dog Association.

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