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Transform Tyson's Life after a huge Scooter accident in Bali

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

This poor Bali Dog was involved in a very serious accident in Sukawati Gianyar.

The dog could not get up, was laying on its side with an intensive pain.

Our main focus was getting him quick as possible off the streets and getting him hospitalized!

Sadly two living beings were injured!

As we were driving with our scooter, we had to organize a car for transportation first.

(Thanks to the friendly and helpful driver of @gocar who didn't refused to bring him to @sunset_vet_ubud )

The police were very cooperative and helpful.

X-ray images were made.

He is on IV - Drips and is receiving his necessary intravenous medication.


Radio opaque in chest cavity, heart covered either with fluid or blood, bloody pee, Diaphragma still intact, intestines normal, spine looks ok, but not sure if there is any compression dx RTA, pneumothorax due to accident, spinal compression

7 Day Plan

• stabilize first with ivft and dexa shock dose

• observe the pee, appetite and breathing

• start with adding furosemide as diuretic to absorb fluid in his chest cavity

Tyson still cannot stand on his own feet

His nerve tracts are injured.

He stayed in the clinic for several days.

There were no broken bones, "only" external wounds, bruises, swellings and scratches.

We used an acupuncture cure for him to normalize his nerves

Fortunately, his appetite returned after 3 days, but he only eats trough handfeeding, which is already a big step forward

There is more reflex in his left hind leg, because he started to retract it.

But still not able to walk and his hind legs are still weak

How big is the chance that he will be able to walk again ?
Sorry but i cant give you false hope.. maybe 10%

The Blood Test Results have shown us a better result finally!

The infection level has already started to decrease

15 point (from 61 to 46)

Sunset Vet continued with their amazing work!

After several of Days Tyson is Improving his condition

He was eating well and had normal poo and pee.

He got daily acupuncture Therapies

Tyson seems to make a good progress!

He started to fight and pull back the limb when the Therapist did the acupuncture.

Very strong on the both front legs.

This morning he lift up the hip for moved his position by himself.

Tyson made an amazing Transformation!

Sunset Vet continued with another CBC for Tyson to assess his WBC, to decide whether he needs to prolong the antibiotic or not.

he has been 7 days with antibiotic IV 3 times daily.

After Weeks at the Vet we have decided to bring Tyson back home, may other dogs will stimulate him to bring his disability on a better way.

Nana Prayoga made a wheel chair possible!

Hold strong, we support you

There are so many ways to recover you Tyson!


Physical therapy is important for recovery from paralysis. You should continue to do it even if you see little change in your pet’s condition. Nerves regenerate very slowly, but healing does occur. Physical therapy may need to be done for weeks or months following an injury to maximize recovery.

Hydrotherapy (water exercise) is excellent for pets recovering from paralysis. With the added buoyancy of the water, pressure is removed from your dog’s body making movement easier and your pet can exercise all of its legs even if it cannot bear weight or has poor balance. Small pets may be able to practice hydrotherapy in a bathtub, or in a hot tub, a pool or lake for larger ones. You can buy a flotation vest (life jacket) for your pet if needed.

Passive Range of Motion

Bicycle each paralyzed leg through the full range of motion twice a day. Do a number of repetitions. This will take about 5 minutes. It is important to keep the legs flexible and avoid the development of joint contractures.

Stimulating the Feet

Rub, squeeze, and tickle the feet, dig your fingers in between the pads, play with the toes. Do this at intervals throughout the day. This improves proprioception, which is the ability to feel the feet and know where they are in space. Following paralysis, the body needs to remap the pathway from the brain to the toes, and the more you stimulate the feet the more you give it to work with.


Massage the legs to improve circulation and promote healing.


Scratch your pet all over the body hoping to find an itchy spot. Your pet may begin kicking a hind leg in response to being scratched. In any case, your pet will enjoy this exercise!

Transform Tyson's Life to lead him back to Life!

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