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Save the bali dogs

There is an overpopulation of dogs. The 2008 rabies outbreak negatively effected tourism and the government attempted to control the rabies by mass cullings, which garnered international outcry. The outbreak and the response damaged the relationship between humans and dogs.

But due to fear of rabies, inability to afford pet healthcare, lack of sterilization and subsequent unplanned puppies, the act of poisoning or dumping dogs (and other pets) is fairly common. Typically Bali dogs suffer from skin conditions like mange, the highly contagious parvo, or motor accidents – all of which are treatable, though not all can spare the cost. Unlike western cultures, dog ownership here is sometimes communal, which can complicate responsibility for their care. Kept dogs are usually allowed to roam freely, which allows mating and contracting of diseases to occur very easily.

During this difficult time they are suffering much more than anytime! People here have much less, poverty increases daily and the dogs here getting nearly nothing. Causes so many skin problems because of lack of nutrition. Many dogs here suffering until death.

We are super busy on the street and try to help much as we can. We are super sad about the situation out here so we need your help.

Could you all please share it to spread awareness and when your able to donate we are thankful from bottom of our heart.

Five easy way you can help a dog shelter affected by the coronavirus:

1. Donate to a shelter 2. Donate supplies 3. Fundraise for a dog shelter 4. virtual volunteering 5. Sponsor a dog at a shelter

Help today!

Help us save more animals! Your generous donation will allow us to stop the suffering of many homeless, sick and disabled animals, and give them the joyful and loving life they deserve!

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