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How does it feels!

We just found him:


While we drove back home from the Safehouse, we saw this poor baby

stunted behind a scooter.

We gave him a skin medication, food and water. Quickly we could see, there is more behind, than only a dog with skin issues, malnourished, thirsty and homeless.

Sadly he has two fractures, one femur fracture on his right back leg and one fracture of the pelvis. Tomorrow the specialists of @sunsetvetubud will discuss the Xray results and advice us in further decisions.

His stomach is full of whatever he could find on the Street and due the two fractures his stool is stucked inside!

As we can see in the pictures he has pressure ulcer wounds, which means, that he must liyng there since a very long time. His skin got already badly infected and soon maggots would start to eat his skin.

We rushed him to the Clinic, straight away.

We can only wait and hope, that the medicine of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory helps to stool.

He is one of our worst rescues ever and we are not sure if he can make it through.

We will not give him up.


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