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Donate Today and Change Lives during Covid-19

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Hello lovely Sponsors and Donators,


1. Give to Animal Shelters in Need

One of the fastest and simplest ways to help a dog amidst Coronavirus is by giving a donation. Fundraisers and events for many pet shelters have been cancelled. Traffic from potential adopters has slowed, but there are still pets coming in, costs for care, and needs to be met.

If you can’t donate funds directly, you can also donate product or supplies to our Dog Charity in Bali!

2. Adopt a Pet

It’s as true today as it always has been. Adopting a new dog, is one of the best ways to help homeless pets. Get in touch with us for finding your favorite forever Friend.

Since we’ll all be spending more time at home, it’s a good time to start healthy training habits, form a bond, and get a new pet acclimated to your home.

3. Foster a Dog

If you have the space and time to temporarily bring a pet into your home, now is a great time to do it. Fostering a dog is a great way to know if you’re ready to adopt, or just help a pet in need for a little while. Plus, it can make the whole process of being socially distant feel a little less lonely—and a lot more cuddly. Here are a few ways to check into fostering:

  • Plan you Visit: Plan with us your Visit! When you find a pet that you are interested in fostering or adopting than its an easy Step of getting your new Friend!

Operational Outstanding Bills

of Drh. Ketut

Finally we got the outstanding bills of DRH. Ketut in Gianyar. He is our first Vet for Sterilization and Treatments of our Rescue Dog's. Depends on Condition of the Dog's we choose Sunset Vet for getting those Dogs back to health.

Sunset Vet has amazing Veterinary Analysis Equipment, important for strong injured Dog's.

Donate to reduce our Outstanding Vetbills of DRH. Ketut and Sunset Vet

1919,85 USD

Donate today and create an impact in animal welfare of bali

Outstanding Bill Statement at Sunset Vet Bali of Bali Dog Association

Outstanding Bill Statement of

Outstanding Bill Sunset Vet


Donate Today straight to Sunset Vet Bali

Please do not forget mention Bali Dog Association and share us a proof of payment, as we wanna make sure your help is coming in.

Thank you so much

Outstanding Bills Vaccinations, Sterilizations and Medications of Sanctuary Dogs

DRH. I Ketut Kusmayadi

Outstanding Bill of DRH. I Ketut Kusmayadi 20'920'000 IDR

Also we have many things

on our Wishlist!

If you have enough towels, donate it!

If you can afford skin medicine, donate medications!

If you can sponsor more Dogs, Sponsor them!

Your generous Monthly donation will allow us to cover a part of the Sanctuary and Helps to stop the suffering of many homeless, sick and disabled animals, and give them the joyful and loving life they deserve!

Bali Dog Association provide a safe-haven Rescue Shelter for Bali stray dogs to protect them from the cruel death by poison, dog meat traders and abusers.

Bali Dog Associaton provide street treatments and helping the worst cases in Bali. Strays are routinely killed with poisoned meat distribution in the city streets. Many Skin Diseases is aggravated by absence of public rubbish.

We bring a shine to

the Bali Dog's in need

Donate Today!

We aim to help shine a light on the realities of Bali Dogs and lead the way to a more compassionate world.

latest WORK

Ongoing Task

- Extending Sanctuary is in Planning with Agoes Satria and Trysa to give them more space, where they can swim and finding enough shelters for everyone. We wanna give them the best Place with a huge roaming Area.

- Feeding Strays due lac of Food

- Street Treatments

- Vaccination of new Dogs's

- Socialize the Traumatized Dog's

- Planning the Charity with LV8 Hotel Ressort

Leading Hospitality in a better Way by B
Download • 1.80MB

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