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Rabies Prevention

Dogs don't bite for no reason!

They might bite because they're scared, in pain, or frustrated ...


Some basic information about this;

• do not disturb or frighten a


• stay away when a dog is

scared or angry

• always be slow and quiet

• do not act during a dog street


• if you are bitten, wash the

wound well with soap and

water go straight to a first aid


• get yourself vaccinated


Very important to know!

Rabies is a disease that is practically always fatal if there is an insufficient / non-existent vaccination of humans and mammals.

The virus can be transmitted from mammals to humans. The transmission to humans occurs through bite and scratch injuries of sick animals or when their saliva gets on human mucous membranes (e.g. eyes, nose, mouth).

To keep rabies vaccinations for our dogs up to date, we have once again worked with the Tabanan Regency Government Dinas Peternakan dan kesehatan hewan kabupaten-Tabanan.

A big "Terima Kasih" for another great support and nice collaboration to make this happen.

Help us save more Animals!

Your generous donation will allow us to stop the suffering of many homeless, sick and disabled animals, and give them the joyful and loving life they deserve.

Save the Bali Dog's - Be responsible!

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