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How can living beings so cruel

Words of "Balu"

There are days when I'm just quiet - not because I have nothing to say or accept everything. It's because I've noticed that some people will never understand me.

Maybe I'm not crying, but it hurts. Maybe I don't say anything, but I feel.
Maybe I'm not showing this, but I'm suffering.

We found him a few days ago.

We looked for him everywhere and plenty of times, without any success.

We asked if he belongs to someone,
all the answers were:
We don't know.

Trough a post on social media We found BALU

There is Dog in really bad shape, can anybody help? We couldn't believe it's you dear Balu!

So relieved to have a Sign of Life from you, we rushed to the place where you supposed to be, one more time, we can't find you...
And then...

There YOU ARE!

You were so exhausted, tired and stressed from the life on the streets that you just let it happen that we could finally rescue and bringing you safe to the Veterinary Hospital.

You really break our heart in thousands of pieces little man.

Please everyone of you who could spare a thought, share, donation, vibes to support saving his life, PLEASE DO IT!

#Help Balu to stay alive!

We bring a shine to the Bali Dog's in need
We are the Voices of Bali Dog's in Needs

Donate Today!

We aim to help

shine a light on the realities

of Bali Dogs

and lead the way

to a more

compassionate world

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