You can save an innocent life, donate food and medications for an animal in need today!

In the Beginning of the Month Bali Dog Association charity was running out of Food!

"In order for us to carry on with feeding those that need it we desperately need your help. As a Animal Welfare Organisation we rely solely on food and medical donations to keep doing what we do and we have run out."
"It's such a tough time for everyone and the world over is struggling, we are appealing for help because we don't want to have to shut down."

“The running costs at Bali Dog Association are approximately 3600 a month and it is a simple fact of life that if we have the continued prospect of no income and possible future Covid restrictions that would keep our Charities Activities mostly closed until after the summer season, then closure may be a real possibility."

Many of us have pets these days. Whether it's our furry mate, man’s and girl's best friend, or a cute meowing Cat in our home, we know how important they are to us!We care for them, buy them food, give them the medical attention they deserve. When they pass, it's like the death of a family member. But many animals out there face their fate without having anybody to care for them.

Thousands of animals die here in Bali of hunger or road accidents!

Cattle are abandoned once they stop producing anything or become handicapped. Animal abuse and negligence are on the rise.

Just because they don’t have a voice, it doesn't mean they don’t exist. These creatures, hungry for love, kindness, need a little helping hand.

Joe Today

We're re transforming the innocent lives and give the necessary attention to as many Stray Dog's as we can!

Give those poor good creatures a Voice today!

Start something amazing today!

Sponsor a pupp!

Give those pupps a happy future for just 1 USD a day.

Every day poorly, injured and homeless dogs come to us desperate for help.

By sponsoring a pupp you will provide a save shelter, food, medical care and lots of love for lots of pets one after the other

Give them the joyful and loving life they deserve!

We have lost since the last Year 12 Monthly Donations and need to face with low Donation Activities!
Help us Today!
Even a small cup of a coffee can make the difference!

We are the Voice of Bali Dog's in Need's!


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We aim to help shine a light on the realities of Bali Dogs and lead the way to a more compassionate world.

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