Cancellation Sponsorships

Updated: Mar 17

Dear Sponsors,

We regret to inform you that Beatrice Ojeda Pedrosa, co-founder of Bali Dog Association, has decided to leave the non-profit organization for personal reasons and of her own will.

We regret this decision, as we would have preferred to find a common path.

Currently, several cybercrime complaints are under investigation, as well as a theft complaint against Ms. Pedrosa.

Since 18 January 2021, Bali Dog Association's social networks such as Facebook and Instagram have been hacked and stolen. In addition, a whole Paypal account has been stolen, which normally belongs to the dogs of Bali Dog Association.

This illegal action unfortunately has an immense, sad impact for Bali Dog Association and for all 185 dogs that we take care and depend on the association.

We apologize for this extraordinary situation and would like to ask you not to stop your payments to Bali Dog Association.

The dogs should not be the ones to suffer.

Thank you for your understanding.

Björn Medernach

CEO Bali Dog Association

We bring a shine to the

Bali Dog's in Need's

We aim to help shine a light on the realities of Bali Dogs and lead the way to a more compassionate world.

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