Being Ignored By Heartless Humans!

This baby knew nothing but pain and misery for her entire life.

Until today he is battling with fear and has been completely failed by humans.

Can you imagine how many people saw him in Central of Ubud Bali? Many people ignored him, why? Our hearts break thinking about how his life has been up until this point.

He has a long road to recovery, but he’ll get there.

He has lots of sleep to catch up on, he no longer contagious from the scabies's

he will catch up on all the love and doggies surrounded.

We bring a shine to the

Bali Dog's in Need's #voiceofbalidogs

Donate Today!

We aim to help shine a light on the realities of Bali Dogs and lead the way to a more compassionate world.

What we urgently Need!

- Many Bags of Dogfood for the Sanctuary Dog's

- Sweet Potato 20kg a Day

- Rice 20 kg a Day

- Fresh Meat

- Towels for the new Rescue Dog's

- Special Nutrition for the weak ones

- Medical Shampoo for our Rescue's

Medication for Strays:

- Simparica from Zoetis for Street Treatment!

- Bravecto for Street Treatments!

Ongoing Tasks

- Extending Sanctuary is in Planning with Agoes Satria and Trysa to give them more space, where they can swim and finding enough shelters for everyone. We wanna give them the best Place with a huge roaming Area.

- Feeding Strays due lac of Food

- Street Treatments

- Vaccination of new Dogs's

- Socialize the Traumatized Dog's

- Planning the Charity with LV8 Hotel Ressort

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