Actions speak louder than words - Act today for the Bali Dogs and give today! Bali Dog Association

Actions speak louder than Words

Horrible conditions, never ending suffering our Daily Battle.

If the world wouldn't be so greedy than we wouldn't have

any suffering species on our Planet.

Isn't enough to deal with all those poor souls out here in Bali?

If you like our work than please contact us, as Bali Dog Association

needs the World's Attention.

Can you imagine to operate in Bali a Non Profit Organization with only 7 People and Dog Sanctuary with 200 Dog's?

If no, help us as we need everyone's help!


Bali Dog Association

is feeding Hundreds of Bali Dog's in several of Regencies of Bali.

A simply Feeding Guide where you can follow to help us out in providing healthy Nutritions towards Bali Street Dogs!

Feeders need to be compassionate as well as responsible.

Despite the presence of animal lovers in every part of the country, there are also uncountable instances of human-animal conflict, particularly so in the case of stray dogs.

To keep things smooth for both you and the strays you feed and look after, here are some pointers that all feeders must be aware of:

1) Make it a point to avoid causing or exacerbating any fight or confrontation with others or cause problems with local individuals. Remember that you can go back to your home, but the strays might have to face the consequences. If you feel that an animal’s welfare is at serious risk, you need to take a legal route even if it’s more work, for the sake of the animals that you cannot protect at every minute of the day.

2) Do not feed in front of residential areas or neighboring houses. Instead, feed them at one particular point. This fixed feeding spot should be away from residential complexes.

3) Feed the dogs only once a day- we firmly believe that if you feed them multiple times in a day, their natural instinct of looking for food gets disrupted, and the dog will become entirely dependent on you, which can be problematic if you’re not around even for a few days. 4

4) Dogs tend to be territorial, especially when they live in packs, so feed different packs of dogs in separate groups to avoid fights, keeping multiple feeding spots which are for far apart from each other if necessary. Keep back up feeding spots and rotate them sometimes to create flexible territories and avoid fights among dogs.

5) Always keep a bowl of water outside your house or on the streets for the stray animals. Alternatively, carry a bowl and a water bottle with you and pour them some after feeding.

We bring a shine to the

Bali Dog's in Need's!


Donate Today


We aim to help shine a light on the realities of Bali Dogs and lead the way to a more compassionate world.

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