An estimated 100,000 dogs are used for meat in Bali each year and sadly poisoning is very common particularly in tourist areas. Through education we would like to reduce social issues such as abandonment, neglect, over breeding, sickness and confinement. There are some breeds that are regularly used for ritual sacrifice such as puppy Blang Bungkem.

Our aim is to keep building and make our sanctuary one that is open to all dogs in need. We are currently growing fast and always extending our Shelter.

No adoption could be possible without the dedicated men and women who run these shelters.

We would love to have all these innocent lives adopted but this is not realistic so need to make sure we build a sanctuary that provides the medical care needed to all the individual needs and have the funds to feed them with a nutritional diet.

Our Vison: 


To provide a safe-haven Rescue Shelter for Bali Stray Dogs to protect them from the cruel death by poison and Dog Meat Traders.

To humanely reduce the numbers of unwanted Stray Dogs through spay and Neuter.

To improve adoption rates, for giving Dogs in emergency space.

To eliminate rabies and diseases, reduce pet abandonment and improve public attitudes towards stray animals

Giving all those innocent lifes a new tomorrow.

A little goes along way!

Spay and Neuter a Dog - $ 35

Feed all dogs for 1 day - $50 

Yearly vaccinations per dog - $35

Sponsor a dog for $30 a month!

This included monthly updates from your special pup.

Sending special Goodies $20

Please help us be the voice for dogs all over Bali